December 15
My friend and amazing photographer Allen took pics of my family today. I love them. It's funny...we had not had a family pic of us in years. I really can't stand being on the other side of the camera. That's why when my clients say they hate having their photo taken and I say, "I understand"'s because I really do! It's tough working for the camera. It's so worth it in the end.

My beautiful boys...Elliot cuddling with his new baby brother Graham.

Voted Bride's Pick in the 2009 The Knot "Best of Texas" issue.

A HUGE thanks to my brides from 2007 and 2008 who voted to include me in the 2009 The Knot "Best of Texas" issue. I got a call from The Knot headquarters this week to let me know that my brides voted to include me on the list of Best Photographers of Texas! This is really what makes my job the best...knowing that long after the wedding is over I am still appreciated and the photography I give my clients is truly cherished. It is an absolute honor to be featured on this list among some incredible peers of mine. I will be sure to post more when I get the issue (due out in late fall).
Again...Many, many thanks to my awesome brides!


Chris (hubby) and I welcomed Graham Christopher Tarbet into the world on September 25.
Labor was...labor. Pretty miserable, but I just kept my mind on the prize and it was all worth it. Graham is healthy and been an absolute joy. Elliot has relished in being an older brother. I was not expecting him to be so unbelievably gentle and sweet towards Graham. Seeing the two of them together and hearing all the loving things Elliot tells Graham has been the cutest, most touching thing I've ever witnessed (really). This is what makes my life so absolutely, wonderfully blessed.
September 16, 2008.
New albums section on website. Click here to check it out.

We have a lot of out of town brides, some of which I don't even get to meet before the wedding day. Since album design can be a little tricky without being able to touch and feel all the samples in my office, I thought I would create a section on my website with some detail shots of albums I carry. A few more detail shots to come soon. In the meantime, check out another album post with more photos as well.

Not all albums are the same. There are many, many album companies out there and it can be tricky to fish through them all to find great quality albums that will be beautiful and last generations to come. After all, albums are family heirlooms. If you come across an album that is $300, there is a reason why it is so inexpensive. In the end, albums are like most things, you simply get what you pay for. That is why we carry the best in the world.

Manufactured in New Zealand, professional photographers have entrusted their images to Queensberry for more than 30 years. They use the finest materials possible. They offer a wide range of album types and cover options, all of which are archival to museum standards and library bound construction. Check out their website (and mine too) for more info. I love talking about different albums, so feel free to e-mail me with any questions. When the cake is all eaten up, the guests
have all gone home, the album is all you will have left to remember one of the most important days in your life.
August 28, 2008.

My pals Alina (La Dolce Vita Photography) and Suzi (Q. weddings) had an incredible lunch at The Steeping Room today. I just had to plug this awesome tea and sandwich spot. If you love tea, you have to check this place out! We all had this oh-so-yummy iced coconut green tea that was some of the best iced tea I've ever had. Suzi and I purchased a couple bags to take home. It was so nice to hang out with the girls one last time before baby comes. It feels like it's going to be any day now. Thanks to all my friends, clients and family for so much support. I will post a pic of the new addition when he arrives...
August 14th.

Featured in The Best of The Knot magazine!

Jennifer and Trent had such an amazing of my all-time favorites. It was a great mix of country-chic. Jennifer was so creative and made a lot of the details herself. Their wedding was published in the Fall/Winter Real Weddings magazine last year. I was so thrilled that The Knot chose to feature one of their images in the Best of issue. The red vintage Chevy truck drove Jennifer right up to the top of the aisle (her father was driving). After the ceremony we had a great time taking some candids on it.

July 19, 2008.

It's a BOY!

With my son Elliot, we decided to wait and be surprised to find out if he was a girl or a boy. This time, we thought we'd mix it up and go ahead and find out. I think part of my desire to know came from the fact that I was soooo sick my first trimester that I just needed to start thinking of this growing belly as a baby with a gender and name. It has been fun watching Elliot (my 5 year old) talk to my belly. He tells _____ (keeping the name a surprise) how much he loves him and that he can't wait for him to be here. I really did not think I wanted a girl, but I will admit I got a little chocked up when the doc said, "It's another boy!". I was like, "Can you just double check that?". This is definitely our last child, so I'll be the only female in the house for many years to come....maybe until I take on the role as mother-in-law who comes to live with her son? Anyways, I am so excited for Elliot to have a brother. Chris also wanted another boy (only because he said he would be too scared and worried about protecting a girl). They both really wanted a boy. As cliche as it sounds, I just hope for a happy and healthy baby. 8 weeks to go...
June 14, 2008.
Cristina and James had a lovely wedding at the Barr Mansion (one of my favorite venues to photograph weddings at). As usual, Abbey at the Barr Mansion did a fantastic job and the organic catering was yummy! The navy blue and pink was a beautiful color scheme and a combination I don't see too much. Cristina was total joy to work with and James was one of those "go with the flow" laid back grooms. Congrats to both of you.

I have seen this done a handful of times at weddings I've photographed. I think it's such an elegant but whimsical way to display table cards.

I love it when couples wear fun shoes. It's all in the details...

My awesome assistant Brian took this timed exposure of the buffet line.

I just couldn't resist posting this one. Check out the girl in the back(?)